Saturday, 29 October 2011

Have you ever seen a ghost?

I have, or at least I think I have.

It was about ten years ago, I was training for my secret job at University and I was lodging in a house in Cambridge.  It was a Sunday evening in November and I had the house to myself which was a relief as my landlady was a bit of a nutter.  I don’t mean that in a fun, eccentric sort of kooky way, I mean she was a cleaning rota, post-its on my TV, shouting at my friends sort of mental.

Anyway, I had spent most of the day writing an essay and I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and decide what I was going to make for my dinner.  The kitchen was at the back with the hallway and stairs in the front.  It was dark so the lights were on and it was getting chilly although whether that was because it was November or my landlady was too tight-fisted to let me put the heating on, I cannot remember.  I was leaning next to the kitchen unit, sipping my tea when I looked up at the stairs and saw a white misty shape with shoulders walk, well glide as I couldn’t see if it had legs or not, up the stairs.  I looked away, blinked, looked back again and it was still there, slowly moving up the stairs. 

It was a curious feeling, I felt the back of my neck prickle and I had to put my cup of tea down which for a British person is quite a serious matter.  I wasn’t scared, I just felt a bit odd, “Well I never,” I said to myself as I wandered into the living room and rang my mum. 

“How very queer,” said my mother, who also agreed that it could have been a trick of the eye due to me writing an essay on my computer but also quite unlikely as I have spent many hours in front of computers and as yet had not seen white misty shapes moving around houses.  I never did find out exactly what it was but I can tell you one thing, I sure had fun winding up my uptight landlady as I convinced her that her house was haunted...

If you have ever seen a ghost, then tell us about it in the comments box below.  If just like reading ghost stories, then you might like my novella ‘The Listening Post’ which is available to download from Amazon.

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L.K. Jay


  1. Aagh! My long ghost post just disappeared! Never mind, the short version is: I used to live in a haunted house in Hatfield Broad Oak (nr Stansted airport). The house was 400 years old and the previous owner died there. We used to get ghostly bangings on the stairs, during Dr who...

  2. Nothing scarier than ghosts on stairs! We had one too... I've never fully recovered!