Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prison Break! by C L Raven

It's time for a guest blog.  And who better to invite but my pals C L Raven, the beautiful gothic Welsh twins of terror, authors of the anthology of bloody romance stories, 'Gunning Down Romance.'  Here they tell the tale of their first ghost hunting trip and why you should never, ever trust AA Route Planner.

To fit with L K Jay's novel, ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’ (which is next to read on our Kindles), we thought we'd share our experience of the first time we attended an overnight ghost tour.

We'd bought reduced tickets for an overnight tour but couldn't decide which one to pick. We wanted something local, as they would be kicking us out at 3 a.m. By the time we got our act together and booked a place, everything was sold out, except Ruthin Gaol - in North Wales, which is the other end of the country from us. We ended up arranging a three day holiday and for a £15 ghost tour ticket, that's how we roll.

We knew the trip was doomed when it took us 9 1/2 hours to drive the four hour trip. Our mum told us to leave the Travelodge an hour before the ghost tour was due to start. But we had an AA route planner and it told us the journey would take 30 mins so we left 40 mins before. By 9:30 p.m. (the time we were supposed to be there) we were nowhere near Ruthin. In fact, our location wasn't even on the map. One day we will listen to our mum's advice. It turned out, AA Route Planner had missed out an entire village and they told us to go right when the sign pointed left. By now, tension in the car had reached critical. Our mate Ryan wished he'd taken out life insurance. The only people around to ask for directions were drunk and had stumbled out of a church.

We rang our mum and she had to contact the tour guides to tell them we were lost. By the time we reached the gaol at 10 p.m., Ryan and us were no longer friends. Everyone on the tour cheered. We know how to make an entrance.

We had a tour of the gaol and participated in some exercises with the tour guides, which repaired our fractured friendship. We were given a K2 meter, rods, a crystal and a DVR (digital voice recorder) and we were left to our own devices. The K2 was silent. The guides volunteered us to be locked in the pitch black punishment cell and we cheered, much to their bemusement. True to form, we didn't take it seriously and we were messing around in the cell trying to frighten Ryan. Then we casually asked "were you executed here?" The K2 lit up and started buzzing. Up until this point, there had been no reaction from it. We laughed in disbelief and asked the same question. Again it lit up and buzzed. By this point we were very excited. We asked "did you murder someone?" It lit up. We asked who and it stayed silent. When we asked "were you hanged here?" again it lit up. It remained quiet all through our other questions until we asked if the ghost was next to Ryan. The K2 lit up and started to buzz so we asked it to come over to us. We didn't feel anything but when we said "are you by us now?" the machine bleeped and lit up again.

We volunteered to spend the last hour of the tour locked in the condemned man's cell. No-one else wanted to go near. The K2 didn't respond to anything for the rest of the night and we got nothing on the DVRs. We wished we'd stayed in the punishment cell for longer but we were impatient to explore the rest of the gaol.

Kicking out time was 3 a.m. It was incredibly foggy and we got lost. When we got home, we found out the only person to be hanged in the gaol was William Hughes in 1903. He was executed for murdering his wife and her lover. Maybe it was a good thing we didn't stick around that cell for too long...

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  1. I love the adventure in getting to the tour!
    Spooky story though.
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    All the best,
    RK Charron
    PS- Bought Gunning Down Romance on Smashwords.