Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beautiful Bloggers

It was with great pleasure this week that I was nominated by the gloriously gothic duo C L Raven as one of their beautiful bloggers. I was well chuffed. Well I hope my blog has given people a few titters (ooh err!) and now in response, I shall offer my top seven beautiful bloggers and seven facts about myself.

C L Raven - Raven's Retreat: http://clraven.wordpress.com/

Seven Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

1.  I hate baked beans. They are the food of Satan. I’ve only ever eaten one bean and it was bloody awful. It’s the smell I can’t stand, that artificial tomato pong that is too sweet. And they make people’s baked potatoes into an orange sloppy mess.

2.  I’ve never been skiing. I know this makes me very unworldly and a bit of a peasant but I haven’t ever got round to doing it. Mostly because of the inconvenient school holidays and so no-one will go with me. I would probably die horribly if I tried.

3.  I’m allergic to cats. It is very frustrating because I actually like them but they make me sneeze and wheeze. It is also strange as cats like me and will randomly rub themselves against me. This is probably because I ignore them. I should try the same tactic with men

4.  I’ve never been to a Morrisons supermarket. This is strange as I used to live in Leeds and Morrisons has northern roots. I got very excited when Waitrose opened there, which probably makes me quite middle class. A Morrisons has recently opened in the Fenland town of Wisbech. Nobody wants to go to Wisbech.

5.  I have a phobia of snakes. I’m English so this is a completely random fear as there are no dangerous animals in the British isles. Apart from badgers; you don’t want to get one of those angry. This is probably biblical and because I can’t rationalise things without arms, legs, wings or fins.

6.  I went to Iran when I was seven. My dad used to get posted abroad a lot for his job and this time he was allowed to take me and my mum. Problem was it was 1979, the year of the revolution when the Shah got chucked out. So all I remember is being bundled onto a plane and hot-footing it out of there. And I used to play with the scorpions that used to lurk outside of the front door, which made my mum go spare.

7.  I can’t do maths. It’s not that I find quadratic equations a bit tricky, I am utterly hopeless at all maths. It took me three times to get my GCSE and when asked to expand on an equation, I just drew bigger brackets. Some people call this dyscalculia, the numbers equivalent to dyslexia, but most just call me an idiot.

My Seven Beautiful Bloggers

I would love to include the blogs of Anya Breton and Sean and Dan Campbell but they were included in C L Raven’s beautiful blogger post – so in a way, I already have.

Lacey Dearie:  http://www.laceydearieauthor.blogspot.co.uk

Julia Hughes:  http://juliahughes.weebly.com

Mick Davidson:  http://mickdavidsonpicturesword.weebly.com

Mari Biella:  http://maribiella.wordpress.com

Rosen Trevithick:  http://www.rosentrevithick.co.uk

Kestell Duxbury:  http://kestellduxbury.wordpress.com

Colin F Barnes:  http://www.colinfbarnes.com


  1. Thanks for nominating me, LK! I too suffer from a bad case of dyscalculia (or idiocy, if you prefer), so you have my sympathy!

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  3. Can't believe we didn't see this post. We feel the same about beans. Cat doesn't hate them as much as Lynx does, but the dislike is still there. We've also never been skiing and would probably break every bone if we tried. We love snakes! Which is just as well, seeing as we have the gorgeous Charlie. And we can't do maths either! We've often described it as like having dyslexia for numbers, so it's nice to see there's a word for it & it's not that we're stupid :D