Friday, 13 July 2012

Broken Fairytales

This week I welcome back the glorious sisters of darkness, C L Raven, as they launch their second book ‘Disenchanted’ on Amazon.  I’ve already downloaded my copy and really enjoying their twisted fairy tales and recommend you do too!

The second we get bored, we start looking for things to do and these usually involve mischief. So after we released ‘Gunning Down Romance’ in February, we were not only bitten by the whole indie writer bug, we were pinned down and pulverised by it. Unfortunately, there is no cure. We needed a new project.

A few years ago, an anthology wanted alternative fairytales told from a different POV so we decided to do Snow White from the Queen's POV - Long Live the Queen. It actually got shortlisted and but they never used it. By then we'd written another version of Snow White, using a kickass Gothic princess as Snow White - Girl All The Bad Guys Want. We'd wanted to do more but fairytale retellings weren't in vogue. Then we found out this year is the 200 year anniversary since the Brothers Grimm rewrote 80 fairytales, making them much softer and family friendly. So we thought 'why not celebrate their anniversary by re-writing the fairytales with a horror comedy twist?' So we did.

And so did everyone else.

When the first film adaption came out, we were seething. They'd stolen our idea! The scoundrels! We'd always suspected our house was bugged and now we finally had the proof. Then the next one came out. And the next one. Then Grimm came out on the TV, followed by Once Upon A Time. Our knuckles whitened as we gripped our laptop. Our teeth were grinding and our eyes developed manic twitches. But we were committed and hell, we had the idea first. So we continued and ‘Disenchanted’ was born.

After working on it for four months, it's finally been released. Disenchanted has a mix of humour, gothic and horror, sometimes all three in one story. We decided to do 10 stories as matching the Grimm's 80 was a bit ambitious. Plus we were rapidly running out of ideas so we combined some of the fairytale characters. Though unlike in the originals, our female characters are not helpless girls whose sole goal in life is to meet a prince and live happily ever after. They're tough, kickass independent girls who would rather decapitate a prince than marry him.

Plus in fairytales, everything is black and white. The beautiful are good, the ugly are evil and will always get their comeuppance and the plot reads like a Mills and Boon novel. Ours are more like real life where a beautiful face can hide a heart of pure evil and happily ever after is more likely to result in slaying zombies than a wedding featured in Hello!

Our mate, Lizzie Rose did the cover for us. She's an amazing artist, she was thrilled we asked her and spookily, our ideas were the same. We asked our best mate, Ryan Ashcroft, to do the book trailer as he's setting up his own business doing book trailers and promos; so he gets work for his portfolio and we get trailers for free. There'll be a lot to do and we'll withhold Red Bull until he's finished, although he does a fantastic job using techniques that leave us with vacant expressions.

Now Disenchanted is out, we can get our debut novel ‘Soul Asylum’ published. We're aiming for an October release and to bring this out in print as well as an ebook. But this morning we realised we'd finally made it big. In true fairytale style, we encountered our first troll. He posted a comment on our blog (on the wrong blog post to the one that so offended him) and even spelled 'criticise' as 'criticese'. We'd already planned that Gunning Down Romance would now be the first book in our anti-Valentine's collection and now we have an idea for a story in the second trilogy. Starring the troll. So keep an eye out and find out exactly what C L Raven does to trolls. There will be blood.

You can download C L Raven’s ‘Disenchanted’: an anthology of alternative fairytales from:

Or follow them on Twitter @clraven


  1. ooh forgot to comment :D Thanks so much for having us on here. It's always a pleasure :)

  2. Hate trolls. Bring him into the light and turn him to stone!!! Well done on Disenchanted, and a very entertaining blog post here. I'll purchase my copy once my Kindle gets charged up. I can't wait to start reading :) x

  3. Retold fairy tales are one of my favorite things to read. I will have to check out this collection!

  4. Please do check this collection of stories out - they are really good.

  5. Sorry, the Grimm brothers did not soften old folk tales. Snow White's step mother (or Cinderella's, I forget which witch) was made to put on white hot iron shoes and dance until she fell down dead. Not that cuddly.