Friday, 20 July 2012

Equal Sequel

What have Aliens, The Good Bad and the Ugly, The Empire Strikes Back, Godfather II and Henry V have in common?  The last two should give you a clue, seeing as they have numbers after them, and as far as I know there isn’t a Henry 1, 2, or 3rd out on DVD.  Although there is the Henry IV parts 1 and 2 and the three parts of Henry VI which were written before the Henry the 4ths, which isn’t at all confusing.  God knows what would have happened if the Godfather II would have taken the English throne.  It would have been a blood bath.  Oh hang on, there was the small matter of the battle of Agincourt, so it actually was. 

The point is, they are all sequels and the bigger point is, they are all stories that are supposed to be better than the original.  Except I wouldn’t personally know about Aliens as I haven’t ever seen the Alien films, what with me being a martial arts big girl’s blouse.  There again I haven’t ever been to a Morrison’s supermarket either, man I am missing out on some life experiences.

Let’s not forget the tale of the British film ‘The Madness of George III’, that had to be renamed for the international market as ‘The Madness of King George’, as people would think there was a Madness of George 1st and 2nd, which there isn’t.  Mind you, I can feel some sympathy for the poor royal loon, sometimes I feel like raging through the corridors of power with the screaming ab-dabs. 

Then of course, there are the sequels that we’d rather forget.  Remember Matrix?  That was a cool film.  Remember the two sequels?  I’d rather not.  Men in Black II?  Pass me the pointy stick so I can poke my own eyes out.  And don’t even mention Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace.  I know, I already have, that filmic monstrosity is burned onto my memory; Jar Jar Binks wasn’t cute, he needed to die.  And while I’m at it, what is the point of so many Saw films?  Surely by Saw V there’s nothing left to saw off?

This summer, I shall be starting my very first sequel.  Yes, the Ghost Hunters are back, and this time it’s Persil!  They’ll be putting out their dirty laundry again, doing a spot of ghost hunting and no doubt, getting trollied along the way.  I’m still thinking of titles, its currently working under ‘The Ghost Hunters Return’ which I know is creative, original and really deep.  Without giving too much away of the first book; Linda, Karen and Anna find themselves in different life situations but some things still stay the same.  Men for one thing, they are as unreliable and changeable as the wind, or as Linda might say, just crap.  Will they see any more ghosts?  Who knows, but one thing I can tell you, there will be lots of spirits involved!

Let’s hope that the ‘The Ghost Hunters Return’ is more ‘Godfather II’ than ‘Matrix Reloaded’, but one thing I can say for sure, I’ll have a lot of fun writing it.

You can follow the progress of the writing of The Ghost Hunters Return on the Facebook page I have created – cunningly entitled ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’.  It’s work in progress but please feel free to like the page and post your thoughts or any good jokes. 

In the meantime, The Ghost Hunters Club will be free to download from Friday 20th July to Tuesday 24th, it’s the last time it will be free so grab it while you can.


  1. We can't wait to read The Ghost Hunters Return! And any time you need to visit haunted places in the name of research, we are more than happy to join you :)

  2. Psyched for this sequel. It's on my wish list already. As for Morrisons, it's a bit pants and overpriced. And the only good thing about The Phantom Menace was Ewan McGregor. *drool*

  3. I've never been in a Morrison's either. As for The Phantom Menace... least watched out of the Star Wars prequels mainly because of the annoying young Anakin and the totally unnecessary to the whole story Jar Jar Binks.

    Aliens is by far the best of that saga!

  4. I think that book sequels are always better than film sequels. There seems to be more heart about them. Good luck with yours!

  5. Looking forward to meeting the girls again!