Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pompomberry House

Hello all, I’ve been on holiday to Paris so I’ve been a bit absent of late, mostly due to all the vin-rouge I’ve been drinking, well, when in Rome.. Blog post to follow about my French adventure. Meanwhile, the great Rosen Trevithick has released her novel ‘Pompomberry House’ which looks like it is going to be a highly entertaining read. Rosen kindly gave me access to one of the characters in the novel, ‘Monty’ author of the crime series, ‘I Shot Six/Five/Four/etc Men’. He sounds like a sterling chap…

What first attracted you to the crime genre and what made you think you could write one too?

Crime books seem to sell better than frivolous books and I just know that I’m destined to be at the very top. Ever since I was a boy I’ve known that I would one day become a household name. Obviously, my crime series, ‘I Shot … Men’ is selling well, but I have a feeling that ‘The Book of Most Quality Writers’ is going to be my best title yet! My ex-wife is going to have egg all over her face!

Who are your favourite crime writers, what qualities do you think you should emulate?

The people who wrote the law – that’s who I emulate. Qualities such as righteousness, law-abidingness and effective pre-nup writing are qualities I respect. I have read a bit of Steve Robinson and Shaun Jeffrey, but I wouldn’t exactly say I emulate them. I do, however, have a slight suspicion that Robinson emulates me … That 4.8 average should be mine!

Why did you chose to go indie? Did you find getting a publishing contract difficult?

I could have a publishing contract if I wanted one, obviously. However, what I do is probably a little too clever for the masses. My protagonist kills people BUT he only kills bad people – it takes a very special mind too appreciate the subtleties of a character like that. Paperback readers are 80% stupider than eBook readers, that’s why I started out writing for Kindle.

Your novel is called 'I shot five men', how is it similar to your previous novels 'I shot two/three/four men'?

Well it’s rather different because it’s only 10,000 words long. My novels contain 100,000 whole words. I’ve kept to my usual tried and tested formula – why change something that works, hey? It has, of course, been dramatically condensed but so as not to lose content, I’ve replaced certain words with textisms, for example “u” instead of “you”. It’s important to move with the times whilst maintaining the integrity of the prequels.

Are you planning a sequel, what is it going to be called?

Yes, I am planning a sequel but the title is being kept under wraps so that it can be a surprise. I’m also planning a sequel to my marriage, but that’s hush hush too – my lady friend is currently married to another!

I understand ‘The Book of Most Quality Writers’ was written at Pompomberry House?

Yes, we met there for a writers’ retreat so that we could truly focus on writing and none of that day to day mumbo jumbo like dealing with our bloody families (God love them). It was an inspiring place – a granite house on an island off Cornwall, would you believe? Very atmospheric – almost certainly haunted!

Where do you think your future in writing lies?

I don’t write lies! Oh, wait, I misunderstood the question. A film adaptation of my first book is currently in production so I imagine, by next year, I’ll be internationally renowned. In five years’ time, A-level students will analyse my books. Of course, it’s all tosh to me – I just write. If I happen to make use of literary devices in the same manner of old Bill Shakespeare, it’s not my intention, I was just born like him.

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