Friday, 5 October 2012

Naughty Sandwiches with Anya Breton

It's the end of the working week (for most anyway) and we have the second of this week's guest posts.  We've had posts from Wales, Scotland and now we're going international - and I don't mean Ireland!  Yes, we have a post from America - the land of greater Kindle choice.  (I really want a Kindle Paperwhite...)  Today, Anya released her new erotic novel 'Alpha Exposed' and for those that don't understand the word 'erotic' - it means there's lots of shagging in it.  Move over E L James, there's a new erotic author in town!

Invariable talking to me for any length of time will slide into a conversation about food. I love it. My rotund rear is proof enough. So it's no surprise that food enters into most of my stories. My Randy's Diner erotic romance series takes place largely in the namesake’s diner. And my newest book, Alpha Exposed, features a restaurateur and a caterer. I thought my first visit across the pond could be used to educate my British friends about a few regional sandwiches I’ve tried.

Alpha Exposed is loosely set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—a city I had the pleasure of living in for a year. I also lived just outside of metropolitan New Orleans for a year. My time in these cities introduced me to two famous regional sandwiches—the “Po’ Boy” and the “Muffuletta”.

The Po’ Boy (how locals pronounce “poor boy”) is a submarine sandwich not unlike most American “subs” in that it features meat stuffed inside a French-style baguette. In my opinion a true po’boy features fried seafood—be it shrimp, crawfish or oysters. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be filling. And when the shop asks if you want your Po’ Boy “dressed or undressed” try not to giggle gleefully like me. One undressed po’boy please! But seriously, get yours dressed otherwise you’ll miss out on the lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise.

The other sandwich of note in Louisiana is the “Muffuletta”. I love this one simply because the name carries connotations of hot men in skimpy clothing. Mmm, stud muffin. Actually, this sandwich features muffuletta bread (a round, dense loaf), a layering of Italian meats (salami, pepperoni and ham at the very least with perhaps the addition of capicola and mortadella) topped with a marinated olive salad, Swiss cheese and provolone. The resulting concoction is cut into quarters and served. You’ll want to order a quarter, half or share a whole muffuletta with some buddies because like the po’ boy, this thing is filling!

Alpha Exposed is available to download from:

Amazon US   Ellora's Cave  Amazon UK

You can read Anya's blog
or follow her on Twitter @AnyaBreton

When Samantha’s sister goes missing, all signs point to supernatural foul play. Her fellow Air witches won’t help, leaving her with one miserable choice—to beg for assistance from Dion Hebert, the odious weretiger Alpha she shot down months ago. In front of his pack. What’s a witch to do?

Dion can’t believe Samantha has the nerve to come begging after she humiliated him in front of half the supernatural Underground. He agrees to help in exchange for the one thing he’s always wanted—Samantha Avira. Naked. Wrapped around him in every delectable position he can imagine. But since the witch humiliated him publically, Dion wants the sex to be public too.

The thought of getting naked with Dion turns Samantha on, as much as she tries to deny it. The thought of getting naked with him in front of everyone leaves her part aroused and part horrified. When Dion makes good on his end of the bargain, Samantha’s deepest, darkest desires are unleashed. And the result is pure, sexy magic that can’t be tamed.


  1. ROFLOAO! OK, we don't eat sandwiches and we're vegan, but we're now sorely tempted to go into Greg's the bakers and demand "two undressed po'boys. And make 'em hot." No! We'll ask for them at McDonald's so they can ask "would you like fries with that?" Yes please!

  2. LOL @ make 'em hot. I love it.

    Thanks for having me over, LK! :)

  3. Well, Anya, babe, I like the sound of the “Muffuletta” - over here, MUFF has its own particular meaning.

  4. lol it does here too, Rathy dear :)