Sunday, 30 December 2012

That Was the Year that Was

2012 is nearly over and I’m feeling all reflective, like the shiny bits on the straps of my rucksack or the actual reflective bits on my new bike.  I take road safety seriously.

Another year has passed and I’m just a bit closer to death.  Now I say that like it’s a bad thing but I’m friends with the most excellent authors C L Raven and they make all things Gothic super cool.  So when I’ve popped my clogs, I’ll be partying in the afterlife with them like it's 1899.  I've also just used the words ‘super’ and ‘cool’ in the same sentence; I need to have a serious word with myself.  Politics, mortgages and responsibility – they’re all serious words but even though I’m hurtling towards the age of 41, I just can’t take any of them seriously.  I might also like to point out that I’m writing this blog post in my parent’s spare room, with a toy giraffe for company and a glass of Prosecco next to me.  That’s how mature I really am.  I have named the giraffe Geoff.

I digress.  It’s the Prosecco’s fault and Geoff is looking at me funny.  If you think choosing the BBC Sports Personality of the Year was difficult, then the L K Jay awards was a nightmare.  So much good stuff to choose from and choosing my favourite indie authors was like asking me to shoot one of my children, so I’m going to include everything I want to.  It’s my blog so I can what I like.

Indie Books of the Year
Soul Asylum by C L Raven
Pompomberry House by Rosen Trevithick
Rathbone Kydd by KJ Bennett
The Weeping Empress by Sadie S Forthsythe
The Quickening by Mari Bella

Indie Short Stories of the Year
Baked! by Lacey Dearie
Gunning Down Romance by C L Raven
The Ice Marathon by Rosen Trevithick

Indie Special Award
Alpha Exposed by Anya Breton – for creating the best erotic fiction around and calling a spade a spade.

Best Indie Publisher
AnachronPress headed up by Colin F Barnes – for being brave and going full-time at writing and for being proper clever.

Best Indie Cover Artist
FireclawFilms by Ryan Ashcroft – for creating the best cover art for indie novels and being reliable, which is an underestimated quality in people these days.

Best Blogger of the Year
Julia Hughes – for being incredibly supportive of all indie authors around the world.

Best Traditional Books I’ve Read This Year
Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin
World War Z by Max Brooks
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

‘It’s Literature in the Loosest Sense of the Word’ Rotten Tomato Award
Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James – for creating a character I would really like to punch in the face – Anastasia thingy and Christian Grey.  Yes I know that’s two, I’ve been drinking.

Best Music of the Year
El Camino by The Black Keys
Django Django by Django Django
The War Room by Public Service Broadcasting

Musical Special Award
In Tent City by Two Intents – a local Fenland band who are proper good and are doing the same in music as we are doing in indie writing – give them a download from iTunes or Amazon, they’re worth listening to.

Best Sporting Event of 2012
Me winning 3rd place in the British Taekwondo Championships Black Belt Executive Ladies Sparring
The Olympics and Paralympics

Best Non-Sporting Events of 2012
Appearing in Calamityville Horror’s ghost hunting events
Meeting Ian Rankin, if only for a couple of minutes (I’m sure I made an impression…)
Going to Paris

Worst Dates I’ve Been on This Year
Far too many to mention – seriously men of England SORT IT OUT!

Well that’s all folks, my special awards for 2012.  I could include lots more but Mum’s just shouted that dinner’s ready.  I hope I've included everything and sorry if I've left out anything or anyone important.

Things to look out for in 2013 – I've got two new novels coming out in the spring:
The Little Camera – a young adult novel about a troubled young man who listens to the story of how a young Jewish lad escapes from Nazi occupied Europe during World War II
The Ghost Hunters Return – Yes! They’re back – Linda, Karen and Anna are ghost hunting and they’re as raucous as ever.

Have a Happy New Year and keep on writing!


  1. These are brilliant! And we're very honoured :)We've loved meeting up with you and as you're now officially an honorary member of C.A.T.S we look forwards to having you join us on more adventures!

  2. Thank you very much for the mentions. I feel honoured.

  3. w00t! A special award! I'm still trying to figure out what spade I called a spade. Intelligence isn't really my thing ;)
    World War Z was amazing! I'm so miffed at the stupid movie that dares to take its name.
    And oh I love me some Black Keys.

    P.S. I named my cat "Kitty". She was alive and stuff. So don't feel so bad about Geoff the Giraffe. He sounds lovely!

  4. Aww, thank you, LK! It's an honour to be nominated for an award by you. And thanks for the great reads in 2012; here's hoping that there are plenty more in 2013!

    Also, my heartfelt thanks for being so supportive of other indie authors. It's incredibly important - just how important I'm only just beginning to realise - and it's something I intend to do more of in 2013!

  5. Wonderful! It must have taken forever to pick favourites. I don't think I could have done it. Respect!

  6. Thank you LK, thrilled and honoured to be on your 2012 list and by the way - it's a pleasure:)

    Wishing us all a Happy Healthy 2013!

    Julia x