Friday, 8 February 2013

The Little Camera

This week sees the release of my third novel: The Little Camera, which is suitable for young adults and adults – but always make sure you check the title first …

Now dear readers, I have a writer’s tale of caution to tell.  It concerns the creation of my first novel that I have just rewritten and published on Amazon.  Crikey, I've got more plugs than a bathroom shop.  Anyway, the story concerns a disaffected youth who has to do community service tidying the garden of an old man’s house.  He finds a bracelet made of pearls, which is the link to the old man telling our juvenile delinquent his story of how he escaped war-torn Europe in the Second World War.  I like to think of it as a nice worthy story for young adults with lots of adventure.

I liked writing this novel; it reflected some of the young people I encountered when I used to work in Leeds and combines my interest in the Second World War and the Holocaust.  I came up with the idea of the story of a troubled youth helping an old man from an old episode of Psychoville.  The story was set and then all I had to do was think of a title.  Easy peasy, I thought.  I’ll call it after the item that creates a link between the present and the past.  The pearl bracelet that my young man discovers was once a necklace; the only thing the old man has of his family that was left to him by his mother just before she was taken by the Nazis, never to be seen again.

Great, I thought, I can call my novel for young people ‘The Pearl Necklace.’  So, to be sure, I checked the title on Amazon, just in case someone else had decided to call their novel for young people by the same name.  Nothing came up.  So I checked on Google, just in case.  Oh boy was I in for a surprise.  I got quite a few results for ‘The Pearl Necklace,’ only they weren't for the publications I had in mind.  Turns out, that title has a few err, connotations, ahem – in the manner of a rather icky sexual act.  Wikipedia even had close up colour pictures.  Yes dear readers, I was going to call my novel for young adults after a practice that would involve the use of kitchen towel afterwards.  It’s a good job I checked first, imagine if I hadn't and I’d had the front cover made and then published it for all to see.

Fortunately, I rapidly changed my mind and focused on the use of the camera in both times.  I checked on Google and this time, The Little Camera doesn't involve the external squirtings of anything anywhere.  So the moral of the story is, always Google your potential novel titles, just in case they’re potentially pornographic; unless you’re actually writing erotic fiction and not fiction for young people.  Dig your way out of that one.

My new novel, definitely suitable for young people, is available to download on Amazon.

Amazon UK  Amazon US

Many thanks to Ryan Ashcroft of Fireclaw Films for the superb cover and Steven Hunter of SJH Proofreading for the editing.


  1. :O Well we've learned something new today! We had no idea that a pearl necklace could in any way be linked to anything other than a necklace made of pearls. Well colour us jiggered! LOL at Wikipedia having close up photos. :D

  2. Oh, what a sheltered life you've led! Not saying that's a bad thing, mind! I did chuckle at this in a most unladylike way, though...

  3. Strike a light, it doesn't get much more potentially embarrassing than that! That's another point to add to my pre-publication checklist: make sure that the title isn't slang for some bizarre sexual act.

    Congratulations on the novel. I'm just off to download a copy now! (With my reading list being so full, it'll be a good long while before I can read it, though.)

  4. I'd have flagged it up to you LOL. This made me chuckle, clever girl checking it before going ahead! Will make a mental note to do the same if I ever write YA