Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Ghost Hunters Return

It’s shameless self-publicity time!  I've been a busy bee and I've got another novel out – it’s the sequel to The Ghost Hunters Club and I've cunningly called it The Ghost Hunters Return.  Clever huh?
At last, the last T was dotted and the last I was crossed.  Oh hang on, I've been making like a ghost hunter and had a couple of glasses of wine.  But the idea was conceived about twenty months ago, about six months after I first finished The Ghost Hunters Club, and I had to write it down.  Despite being at work, I scribbled the plan down in the back of my planner, and Linda, Karen and Anna were returning.
I left the original story with Linda, Karen and Anna each getting what they really wanted.  It may not have seemed so at their immediate present but it was what they needed.  Only one had the traditional happy ending that ended in a relationship, as is the way with some chick lit, but I wanted to give them something else because in my opinion, why should the whim of a male character dictate the ending of a story and decide if it’s going to be happy or not?
However, I think the story deserved a sequel and one morning, the shape of the story came to me.  Besides, it meant that I got to visit a few more places and there were more bad dates to take inspiration from.  Men who don’t turn up, men who don’t understand the importance of being on time or bringing cash or even the virtue of blowing one’s nose, and men who don’t understand the importance of manners.  I apologise to the nice men I have in my life but seriously chaps, PICK YOUR KNUCKLES UP OFF OF THE FLOOR!
The interesting thing when I started writing was how much my life has changed since I finished writing the first Ghost Hunters Club.  I had moved back home to the Fens, changed jobs a couple of times and published some novels on Amazon.  I had also made some new writing friends from Twitter and so there was a lot more ghost hunting potential to be had.  It also meant that I had to go back into the memory banks and remember what it was like to live in Leeds again.  It turned out that that wasn't as important as I thought it was because most of the action takes place in Anna’s house but also I had no chance of getting back to Edinburgh, so that needed some artistic licence. 
There were some elements that I had to include: an accidental meeting with a famous person, lots of potential venues to set the ghost hunts and of course, Anna getting her leg over.  I was in luck as I had met the fabulous C L Raven and they were ghost hunting fans too and so the venues were not a problem.  We had great fun in Nottingham, Peterborough and the Hell Fire Caves and I was introduced to the EMF meter – another gadget for Linda to try.  But I could not ignore the publishing phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey.  Now I’m not a fan of the book myself, I’d dearly like to punch Christian Grey in the face and give that drip Anastasia a jolly good talking to, but there was also no way that Anna was going to ignore that novel either.  So thank you E L James, you gave me a great idea for one of Anna’s ‘scenes.’  I liked to think of it as a mixture of Fifty Shades and The Exorcist, and I did consider poking myself in the eye after writing it as it was the closest I had been to writing a sex scene, but I had fun writing it and in the world of The Ghost Hunters Club, nothing ever goes according to plan!
The Ghost Hunters Return is now available to download from Amazon.  Linda, Karen and Anna are back, so are the other regular characters with a couple of new ones, both bad and good.


  1. I've downloaded it but not read it yet as I'm reading one to review first. Seriously considering putting it to one side after reading this though! It sounds like a HOOT! I'll have to get my speed-reading head on and get stuck in ASAP. Best of British xxx

  2. Congratulations on the new novel, LK! As you know, I'm currently on a horror-reading binge, so I'm not sure that I'll get round to reading The Ghost Hunters Return for months yet, but I've added it to my 'to read' list. Best of luck with it!

  3. Thanks for the support ladies, much appreciated :-)

  4. I can't wait to get my teeth into this! Planned to read it at the weekend, didn't get past the first couple of pages due to toddler dramas. But I'm really looking forward to it. I predict there will be a few summer nights spent reading this in the garden this year! x