Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Art of Procrastination

You what?  I've got to write another blog post – oh for goodness sake, I was busy polishing my cutlery …

What have my hamster, The Walking Dead and the washing up have in common?  They have all been instrumental in distracting me from doing what I should be doing, and that’s writing.  To be fair, this week I've had a bigger excuse, a job interview at another zoo for small people, but nonetheless, I've found excuses to avoid putting finger to button.  Last week it was going to see the new Star Trek film and this week it’ll be Eurovision.  Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Terrible songs, great commentary by Graham Norton and a good excuse for countries to score cheap points from each other.  I apologise for the drunken Facebook posts and tweets!

Now I've got a cracking idea for a new novel – it’s another ghost story but this time a supernatural thriller where the main character has just been released from prison.  She will move to a different area in the country to escape a vengeful family, but something far more wicked will be in store for her …

So last Sunday, I wrote the prologue and thus far, it has flowed quite nicely.  Then it will be a case of sticking to my writing target of a thousand words a day and hey presto, in about three and a half months I’ll have the first draft of a novel.  But this time, things have been getting in the way.  My 3rd Dan, the job interview, my daily dose of zombies in The Walking Dead (Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon, I’m not fussy, I’ll let either rescue me), playing with Rusty my hamster – they've all helped me to avoid doing what I should be doing and that’s getting on with the business of writing.

But now there’s no excuse.  I've got the new taekwondo belt, managed to fluff the interview, cleaned the hamster out and so I vow dear readers, that from Sunday, I’ll be finally cracking on with the new novel and this time I won’t stop.  Until there’s something else to put me off.  Like the hamster, who is currently running around on my laptop as I type.  She’s a cute and furry little pal who is much more fun than the charmless twerps that are available to date round where I live in the Fens.  Yes gentlemen, I have compared you to my pet hamster and frankly, you've all been left wanting.

Once I've broken the ice and got on with it, I’ll love every minute of making up the story and I’ll immerse myself into the world of the novel.  But first I’ll have to get past those stupid barriers I can put up with tasks that can wait until after I've reached my quota.  My socks do not need washing – I've got plenty, the fluff on the carpet can wait and I’m not allowed to wash-up until I’m done.  The new novel starts here.
So what do other writers do to put off starting work?

Next weekend, The Ghost Hunters Return will be free from Friday 24th May to Sunday 26th.  If you do download and read it, please leave a review, or the hamster gets it.

And if you like ghosts, then you’ll want to download Soul Asylum by C L Raven, which is also free next week as well.


  1. to be fair, most men are left wanting when compared to hamsters. Hamsters aren't jerks :D Our last hamster, Bon Jovi, was a real sweetheart and he could get a whole dairy drop in his mouth, which is quite a party trick.
    When it comes to procrastination, writing is the only thing we don't procrastinate. Everything else that isn't writing or animal army related, gets out off until the last minute. But we tend to get twitchy if we're not at our laptops :D
    Oh and thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Ha ha, even by writing this comment, I'm putting off doing what I should be doing, writing more!
    Rusty very of stuffs so much bedding into her pouches, she topples over. Then she looks at me to say, 'What are you laughing at!'.

  3. Let's face it, small furry animals rock.

    Pleased the new story's already underway - 1,000 words a day is very doable:)

    Julia x