Sunday, 2 June 2013

Are You Going to Strawberry Fair?

I've gone a bit mellow – I’ll be getting down at a couple of festivals but don’t panic, I wouldn't be seen dead in anything tie-dye. 

It’s been half term at the workplace-that-shall-have-no-name and there’s a new series of Horrible Histories on the goggle box.  It’s one of the best comedy shows on and it’s for kids – it’s got sketches, people larking about in togas and a song.  The one with Charles Dickens singing The Smiths was pure genius but today’s link is the sketch where they sing Simon and Garfunkel – Viking style.  Hippy Vikings hugging trees, I was laughing so hard, I think a bit of wee may have escaped.

From Scarborough Fair over to something a bit more local.  The sun is (starting) to shine, the wellies have been dug out and dear God, so have the hot pants.  It’s the UK so the sun is intermittent, the wellies were never put away and err and I hope my shorts still fit.  Never mind, the beer shall surely flow.  The music festival season has begun and I started mine off with a wee visit to Strawberry Fair in Cambridge.  Saw a mate’s band play, Two Intents, who ironically, played in two tents.  Excellent stuff, especially their song, ‘Have You Ever?’ – which I have to say, I probably have.  If you get a chance to download their album, do so, it’s really good.  There was food from all around the world; I had churros for the first time, which looked like scary worms but was actually like doughnuts and proper nice.  The Jamaican stall was the loudest and I’m not entirely sure that was just goat curry I could smell … Oh, and is that a policeman I see, I hope I get frisked.

Anyway, summer is coming and I bought myself a ticket to Reading Festival.  I am not suffering from a mid-life crisis, I am actually going with my pal from uni and some pals from taekwondo.  I also decided to wait until the world had invented the technology of the pop up tent.  I can’t do any type of DIY and dear God, imagine the carnage if I got my hands on any power tools.  Actually, it’s been 22 years since I was last at a music festival; I did both Glastonbury and Reading when I finished my A Levels and for various reasons, I haven’t been to one since.  I bloody loved them.  I saw The Cure, and I remember seeing New Fast Automatic Daffodils – I had that t-shirt for many years, it fell apart in the end.  I also remember drinking too much orange juice and getting stomach ache, I wore Doc Martins and we all remember the toilets.  I slept in my car (I didn't want to sleep in my friend’s tent and people would wee on them) and I don’t care what anyone says about Fiats, my Fiat 127 was so reliable, I started first time after four days.  That car would have taken me to the moon if I wished it.

So the plan is, by August bank holiday, I’ll have the first draft of my new novel done and I’ll be at Reading, partying like its 1991.  Again.  Now, who is this Eminem chap?


  1. Ooooh, you're brave! I'm a bit too used to my comforts for a festival now... and hygiene standards! Camping- yes, often- but people weeing on my tent? Nooooo! My essential kit would include my bat, and that way lies trouble, so it's best that you do the adventuring! Hope the sun shines!

  2. Firstly, I just saw that Charles Dickens sketch today and it was pure genius. I love Horrible Histories!

    Until I joined the scummy mummy brigade I used to go to a festival every year, although as I approached 30 I favoured the retro festivals with all the 80s legends. So jealous, I'd love to go to Reading. I know you'll have a fab time! Yes, it's a mucky weekend, but as long as you've got your wellies, hotpants, plastic poncho and a sunhat, you're sorted. I've actually had a fab idea for a blog now - Lacey's Top Tips For Having A Glam Festival Weekend! LOL

    Also, can't wait to read this new novel. Loving The Little Camera. Not my usual genre but I may read more YA now.