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Interview with Rosen Trevithick

It’s nearly Christmas, at least so the supermarkets keep telling me, and so here is the first of a series of Christmas treats that I've got in store for you over the next few weeks.  This week, I spoke to #1 bestselling indie author, Rosen Trevithick, about her new release of short stories, Seesaw II.  It’s a mixture of the funny and the seriously gripping, and a definite download onto your Kindle.

Seesaw was the first of your stories I read, and it was successful as well - what can we look forward to in Seesaw II?
Seesaw – Volume II includes eleven new short stories, ranging from flash fiction to novella-length work. It is very similar to the first collection in that it deals with similar themes, for example mental health: missing children and romance gone horribly wrong. Readers will find stories alternating between serious drama and almost farcical comedy.

Unlike Seesaw – Volume I, this new collection includes a story about smelly trolls, to introduce adult readers to the children’s series I started writing this year.  To appeal to adults, the troll short is linked to one of the other stories in this collection.

You have grown an enormous amount since Seesaw, with the advent of Indie Book Bargains and Pompomberry House going to #No1.  What have you got planned next?

Readers have demanded a sequel to My Granny Writes Erotica so I rapidly changed my plans to meet that demand. This is proving challenging because it was one of those comedies that got sillier and sillier as it went along. It’s been hard to continue the story because it already reached its natural peak. I've had to work on dumbing down the humour at the beginning of book two, so that I can build it up again.

I’d like to write the next installment of my troll series. However, most of my readers are adults and troll books are expensive to produce, so my business mind is advising me to spend a little more time writing for adults.

My Granny Writes Erotica was very funny, what gave you the idea for the story?

There were many ideas that I wanted to develop. I knew somebody who used to review sex toys and it was a very amusing job, so I knew it would work well in a book. I was also getting frustrated with the quantities of copycat billionaire erotica in the charts. Eventually, all the fragmented ideas came together in the form of Betty Berry.

You describe yourself as going 'from unfit for work to quarter of a million eBook downloads' - why?  Will this be a focus for Seesaw II?

For many years I was unable to work. I have bipolar disorder and was finding it very difficult to manage. For a time, I thought I’d never work again. However, over a period of years, I managed to gradually increase my work-related activities, starting with volunteering and then moving into part time self-employment. I published eBooks as part of a supported work programme and was fortunate enough to get noticed by a fair few readers.

The book has a preface, which addresses my life but the rest is fictional. The stories weren't designed to represent my personal situation. However, because I tend to draw on my experiences, and use naturalistic and modern settings, many of them do tie into my personal journey.

How do you find combining your adult writing and children's writing - ie the Smelly Troll series?

It’s been challenging. Until I published The Troll Trap, almost all of my readers were adults with Kindles. Then suddenly, I started writing for an entirely different audience. In promotional terms, it was like starting again from the beginning. I've also had to be careful not to mix the two audiences; for example I started a new website for children, so that youngsters didn't go to my main website and end up reading about a butt plug hidden in a slow cooker.

Writing for children has brought new rewarding experiences, such as school visits and seeing other people create with my characters. Writing for adults allows me to address issues I feel strongly about and have a little naughty fun. I enjoy writing for both audiences, but for different reasons.

Seesaw II is available to download from Amazon UK and US

Coming soon... The Ghost Hunters’ Club Christmas Special – and the girls are about to experience the second coming...

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