Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ashwood House

A new novel and a broken computer.  I’m living the dream folks, living the dream.

It’s been eleven months since my last release, The Ghost Hunters Return, so it’s jolly well about time I brought out another novel for all you lovely readers.  I’ve been too busy letting the day job at the zoo taming lions get in the way of what I really want to do, and that’s write.

So here it is, Ashwood House, a supernatural thriller about an ex-con called Savannah Redmond who gets a job in a house as a caretaker.  Thing is, there’s a reason why a woman who served fifteen years for killing her husband got the job, and that’s the ghostly woman in blue who appears and creates a mystery for Savannah to solve.  Thing is, her criminal ex-family-in-law haven’t forgotten about what Savannah did and they’ll do anything to get to her.  Savannah has as much to fear from the living and the dead as her past collides with with that of the woman in blue.

There’s a bit of spookiness, a bit of ‘how’s your father’ – need to keep those bots at bay – and some violence – something for everybody!  I would say fun for all the family, but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids or pets.  I love the cover made by Ryan Ashcroft, of Love Your Covers fame, he’s caught the tone of the novel really well and the detail of the figure in the window not casting a shadow is really clever.  I’ve got a few more things I want to bring out this year, so there’ll be more commissions to come Ryan!

One thing this novel had told me, after the next ghost story novella that I’ve nearly finished the first draft of, I won’t be writing another ghost story again for a while.  I love ghosts, I love reading about them and I love going on ghost hunts and most of all, I love writing about them, but I’m going to write about other things as well otherwise I’ll dilute the topic and write crap.  So I’ll only write ghost stories when I’ve got a cracking idea and another one will come again, but not yet.

I've got a notebook full of ideas and at least another two more projects to release in 2014 and so I’d better get editing and most of all, writing again.  I’ve let the day job and other things get in the way using it as an excuse for not starting something new, and that can’t be allowed to happen.  So now I’m going to make a resolution – I’m going to make a priority of writing 500 words a day, every day.  If Graham Green can do it, so can I.  And this is a resolution I mean to keep, unlike the one I made about eating an avocado a day, which lasted about a week.  I can eat avocados until they come out of my ears but they didn’t make me more attractive to men and was an expensive habit to keep up.  Not quite in the same league as smoking crack or Candy Crush Saga, but not far off.

In other news, I’m writing this on my new laptop.  My Lenovo of fifteen months decided it only wanted to display things in pink and I had to buy another one.  The warranty had just run out and so soon, the people at Lenovo will be getting a flea in their ears about their lack of longevity.  At least my new HP is quick and purple.

You can download Ashwood House from Amazon:  UK  US

Next week, a guest post about the gothic genre by ghost story author: Mari Biella


  1. Congratulations, LK! It's on my Kindle, and I can't wait to get started on it!

  2. Best of luck with Ashwood House! I've read it and love it. I know what you mean about diluting the topic. I've written so many cat sleuth stories now I feel that I am taking the whole thing too far but as long as people keep buying them and enjoying them, who am I to argue!? I'll soon be working on some chick-lit again though. I can't wait to read your next novella too. Keep up the good work! ;)