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Chocolate Wars With Anya Breton!

Ohh, we've got another guest post this week from our friend and guest regular, Anya Breton.  And she's a cheeky minx because she claims that America makes the best chocolate.  As we all know, Belgium makes the best.  But I have to say, Anya's got a point when it comes to crazy flavours!  So I'll hand you over, and she can tell you about her new release: Guarded Heart.

Americans make the most diverse chocolate.

That’s my argument in this international chocolate debate with across-the-pond author L.K. Jay. (or is it a chocolate war?)

She’d suggested we do blog posts about who made the best chocolate. I’m not sure I can win that debate, so I’ll be evil and skew the debate in my favor. Yes. I’ll posit that American chocolate companies are better than all others because they make the most interesting flavors.

I’ll even give her a fighting chance. I’ll limit my arguments to chocolates that are currently in my fancy chocolate drawer. Complete with pictures to prove I own them.

First, let’s look at a well-known American fancy chocolate brand: Ghirardelli ( out of San Francisco. These guys are so popular now that you can buy their bars at big box stores like Walmart and Target. Often for under $3.

The one in my drawer right now:
“Cabernet Matinee”
Chocolatier: Ghirardelli
On the back of the bar:
Our luxuriously deep and velvety dark chocolate combined with the tart flavor of blackberries and grapes delivers an unrivaled chocolate intensity.
My take:
If you like blackberry cabernet and like chocolate, you NEED this bar.

Next we move on Trader Joe’s ( This shop is a specialty grocer that sells re-branded items. So the chocolate I’m about to list may actually have come from outside the states, but I’m going to claim it for us since the back only lists “Monrovia, CA

“Dark Chocolate coconut caramel”
Chocolatier: Trader Joes?
On the back of the bar:
Each 70% cacao dark chocolate bar is filled with soft, creamy caramel and exotic coconut. Black sea salt and cacao nibs finish the full flavor experience. It’s a little taste of tropical paradise to enjoy any time (sunglasses and beach chair not included).
My take:
I’ve been on a coconut kick this past month and I’m always into caramel, so I squealed when I spotted this one. It’s an awesome combination, exactly like the blurb states.

This next company has spread past their San Diego, CA locale ( You can find two of chuao Chocolatier’s more popular flavors (honey & potato chip—shown below) at Target for about $5. Here’s one of them:

“Potato Chip”
Chocolatier: chuao
On the back of the bar:
Creamy milk chocolate, a sprinkle of sea salt and that irresistible potato chip crunch. The Potato Chip bar combines two of the most crave-able creations on the planet for total taste bud domination.
My take:
I’m not that into potato chips, but this bar is just the right amount of sweet + salty if you’re craving both.

You’ll have to hunt specialty stores for their other, more awesome flavors. I got this one at Fresh Market (for about $5):

Chocolatier: chuao
On the back of the bar:
Silky dark chocolate sizzles with smoky chipotle and a sprinkle of seal salt until…SURPRISE! Popping candy explodes and starts a part in your mouth. The Firecracker bar. Welcome to the wild side of chocolate.
My take:
I was introduced to spicy chocolate a few years ago. I didn’t like it at first, but after a few different bars, I came to appreciate it. But this bar takes it to the next, amazing level. The popping candy makes it feel even spicier. This is a bar I’ll drive out of my way to buy.

Now we come to Vosges Haut Chocolat out of Chicago, IL ( I got this one at a specialty grocer who imports and distributes many different companies. The cost? $6.99.
“Red Fire Bar”
Chocolatier: Vosges Haute Chocolat
On the back of the bar:
Nothing specific to this bar, here’s what’s on the front: Mexican ancho Y chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon, dark chocolate.
My take:
This one is a litttttle too spicy for my tastes. And since there are no popping candies in it, and these bars are pricier, I probably won’t get it again. But I’ll try other flavors for sure.

As you can see by these examples, Americans make the most diverse chocolate. And since we’re a melting pot of cultures that makes sense. J

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