Sunday, 13 April 2014

Operation Mallory

It's a slightly more contemplative post this week as I join the massive support for fellow indie writer, Stephen C. Spencer, in his relaunch of his thriller novels, the Paul Mallory series.  You see, there are several things that make me sad, and proud, at the same time while I'm writing this post.

First of all sad.  Stephen has had an outstanding military career and then he wrote some brilliant thrillers.  But he has been struck down by cancer and is still battling with this illness.  This means he is not able to market his books, and derive a much needed income, and so it is down to us in the indie community to do that for him.  What I admire most about Stephen is that his biggest concern is not for his own life but that of being able to provide for his family.  It makes us in the UK appreciate just how lucky we are to have the NHS and damn you are glad it's there when you need it.

I'm also proud to have been asked to host Stephen's new book covers and relaunch programme because it means that I'm part of an outstanding and supportive network of indie authors.  Always ready to help, advise, give support to fellow writers I feel we must all congratulate both Sean Campbell and Julia Hughes in organising this promotional tour for Stephen.  Drop them a tweet to say thanks, they deserve it.

Sean Campbell @90DaysNovel
Julia Hughes @tinksaid

So take a look at the new covers that will soon be available for Stephen's books.  They look great and are good value too.  Click to go to Stephen's UK Amazon page and US Amazon


Dubbed "America's James Bond", Paul Mallory is a journalist working for the secretive Cramer Corporation. They don't sell newspapers. Instead, they have equally secretive subscribers who pay a million bucks a year to find out about the news before it happens. 

Paul is dispatched to report from the frontlines in what can only be described as immersive journalism. Frequently Paul goes beyond merely reporting the news - he becomes a part of it. 

The Paul Mallory series, written by US Navy Vet and cancer survivor Stephen C Spencer has won acclaim from critics and readers alike. With four novels out and one on the way, the Paul Mallory series has plenty to offer the keen thriller reader. 

In 2014, Crimeways of Indiana are-releasing the entire Paul Mallory series with beautiful new covers:


  1. Thanks LK, your support means a great deal, as you state, if we all work together, even a tweet,(use the hash tag #OperationMallory) or like on the new facebook page: will help make "Operation Mallory" a success.

  2. Totally agree about the NHS. It's a massive safety net, and most don't appreciate it - until they need it, of course!