Monday, 27 October 2014

The Ghost Hunters Club do Borley

Hello folks, remember me?  I’m brushing off the cobwebs and it’s time to start writing again.
I’ve been a bit naughty by not updating my blog but the day job taming lions has been taking up a lot of time.  It doesn’t help when the zoo keepers are demanding more and more of my time, but enough of the terrible metaphors for my day job, on with the fun stuff!

This weekend, my fellow writers and myself: @CLRaven and @LouiseWest jumped into the trusty Corsa and went to Borley Rectory.  My sat nav did try to send us to Parc Borley in the South of France, apparently it would have taken 12 hours in steady traffic, but we ended up in Essex instead.

Borley is legendary in ghost hunting circles.  Built in 1863, paranormal investigator Harry Price investigated in the twenties and reported his findings in The Mirror.  The man turned out to be an old fraud, but the ghostly nun isn’t…

Borley is a small hamlet, about ten houses and a church.  The rectory itself burnt down in the late 30s and it was our task to find out where the old site was.  First of all, the church.  It’s proper old; parts date back to the 12th century, and we were greeted by a handsome smoky coloured cat.  After a bit of fuss, he showed us around the graves and then threw up some grass.  Bloody men.  Anyway, we found some interesting graves but no sign of any spooks.  After a wander around the hamlet and not finding any signs that said ‘spooky house remains are here,’ we used our phones to find old maps of the area.  Borley might be in the middle of nowhere but the 3G reception was superb.

We walked around some fields and indulged in a spot of trespassing.  We think we found the gateway to the rectory and I helped to keep a watch while Cat braved the brambles and had a good poke around.  As we wandered back to the car, standing opposite the church, we managed to piss off the old lady who lives opposite.  There was some angry waving going on and fortunately, Louise went over to her and had a word, using expert tact.  It was a good job I didn’t as I would have probably steam-rollered in and caused a diplomatic incident.  Apparently, she wasn’t happy about us filming, exactly what remains to be seen as there was naff all going on in her house.  Lunch at the haunted pub The Bull in Long Melford and then home.

It was a great day ghost hunting, finding the lost remains of a haunted rectory, playing with a friendly tomcat and pissing off the locals.  Home to a party with my taekwondo pals, an epic game of Cards Against Humanity and the largest pot of chilli I have ever made.  I’ve still got loads left, anyone want some?

In writing news: I’ve got some exciting ideas on the boil.  It involves TV scriptwriting, an ordinary witch and there’s more to come soon…


  1. Oooops! I forgot to take the leftover chilli!

  2. LOL! Brilliant post. It definitely sounds like the sort of adventure the real Ghost Hunters Club would have. Life imitating art and all that jazz. We had a brilliant time and can't wait for our next misadventure :D

  3. Yeah! I hope I am back, a bit anyway - going to put less pressure on myself to produce writing and do it at a pace I can sustain, with a demanding full time job as well :-)