Thursday, 26 January 2017

I'm Back Baby!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been here.  It’s like putting on an old coat, putting your hand inside the pocket and fishing out a fiver.  Or a mint, with a bit of fluff stuck to it.  Either way, I’m going to eat it.

After too much time spent on the day job, I’ve picked up my pen and I’ve been busy writing again.  While I’ve been away, I bought a new flat (a mortgage! That mythical thing I thought I’d never have and look, I can spell it too! Mortgage, mortgage, mortgage!) a new motor and a new hobby.  Swimming, who would have thought it?  Now I’m motoring down the pool, swimming like Rebecca Addlington.  Only she has better hair.  Oh yes, I’ve changed hair colour as well.  I’m a red head – I had to get rid of the blond when my mother told me I looked like a badger.

I also have grave news.  Rusty the hamster died.  It was only a matter of time but she’s left a little furry hole in my life.  Considering I had her for two and a half years, it was the most significant relationship I’ve had in my adult life.  So coming home and finding her glassy-eyed in her favourite cardboard tube was a moving moment.

What am I doing back on here?  The plan is to write regular posts but shorter and including reviews of books I’ve read.  And interviews, if the writer is interested.  Twitter has been building nicely, 11k followers and counting and believe it or not, I’ve actually been busy writing.  There’s a new novel, a new ghost story and it appears I’ve forgotten to release the last Ordinary Witch story as well.  Oops.

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